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Welcome Home LIYAN FARM


The Balinese cat is the only cat breed that can legitimately claim the title of being hypoallergenic and they have the proof behind them to back it up. Many people who suffer with cat allergies can tolerate a Balinese cat very well. People with allergy never experience any symptoms living with a Balinese. There are hundreds of testimonials proving this claim. Add me to the list. This has given the Balinese cat the hypoallergenic title. When another breed is crossed with the Balinese, it can reintroduce this missing link.We breed only pure breed Balinese Cats.


All Around great with other Dogs and Cats. They are attentive, smart, and  so affectionate. Also low maintenance  and very little shedding



They are great with children of almost all ages, of course adult supervision with any dog is always recommended.


They are great with other dogs,cats, and pets when socialized and raised properly. They fit all life styles and homes as they are lower energy, and bark less.

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