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My family and I purchased our kitten from you in December . He is such an amazing cat. Big, smart, loving, and an absolute goof ball. But besides the obvious about your cats, you went above and beyond during the purchase. We talked on the phone about what we were looking for in a pet, and you wanted to know more about us and the future home of your kitten. And…you rushed him to us THE NEXT DAY! Such a great experience


Harrison and family





OMG!!! Cherry has made me distinct in my neighborhood as a result of her mature behavior.First and foremost.I have constantly been stopped by strangers who get so amazed at her beauty that they get to ask where i got her from and i have never wasted a second to tell about your kittens.I am sure three of my neighbors will be buying kittens from you soon.The other person ordered one and it arrived this morning and everybody in the estate is like do you specialize only in excellent breeding…lol.Thank you so much for this fun you have provided to us.It is creating more of a family reunion and special orientation on the part of our kids.


Sophia J




Hello Matt,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how great Tulip is doing and that she has been the sweetest most wonderful addition to our family. She is definitely mommas girl, but thats exactly what I wanted. I am so happy that we brought her home, we just love her sooo much! Hopefully you remember us...is been a while. Ps even my husband just loves her to play with!!


Lori, Ryan

San Diego




It’s been 3 weeks now. She is doing great! She is such a smart kitty ) She is learning new commands almost everyday. I just taught her to “shake.” She is becoming my daughter’s best friend. They just play for ours running back and forth through our house, in and out of the rooms. Paige will bump Mykah and Mykah will fall down, then Paige falls down next to her and rolls over on her back and will lay there ’til Mykah gets up. just want to say thank you for the additional member of our family


Jude and Cicilia

Ontario Canada




We’re really happy with her! Thank you so much! –


Brianne & Wife






Hi Mr Matt, Tango (now Theo) is such a well behaved little kitty! No fussing at all. When he woke up this morning his eyes were nearly perfect. We've started some clicker training already, and he seems to be very quick. Thanks again for everything. Hope your drive home was quick and the new litter was OK.


Mattew and Catherine.

Las Vegas-Nevada




Hello there, how are things ?

Just an update Charlie is doing very well he had his final set of shots yesterday and he is growing so fast…he weighed in at 11 pounds now, he doesn’t miss to many meals…lol. I have attached a couple of pictures for you to have a look

Talk to you soon



New Haven CT




Hello, my son Christopher had purchased his cat from you and I am watching him here in America while he is on deployment. I have fallen so in love with Rocco and this breed that I am looking to purchase one as well. I would like to look into any liter you have now or in the future and I could fly out to get him or her due to I work for the airline. Thanks


Bennid Emounch





Hello! Just checking in. Percy is doing good. He LOVES his big sister. Here's a pic of them from this afternoon. I'm still working on a new name... Lots of friends with lots of thoughts :)We are meeting the vet tomorrow for a check up (everything is fine - I'm just getting him set up for vaccination, etc.)We've got crate training down pat - he's taken very well to "bedtime". We're struggling a bit with the potty training, but slowly we'll get it worked out.He's a hilarious little ham - I am very much enjoying his company.



Denver CO

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